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How to Enhance Professional Growth in HSE.

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago

Following Shirley Parsons and the HSPC’s (Health and Safety Professionals Canada) recent webinar ‘Reflective Practices: Elevating Professional Growth in Health & Safety,’ Divisional Leader for Canada Chloe Howard and Talent Consultant Kelly Leong share their invaluable insights for personal development in HSEQ and Sustainability and, the importance of reflective practices for professional growth.

Key strategies for career development.

1.Identifying skillsets for improvement:

At the start of the webinar, attendees participated in breakout group discussions, sharing skillsets they aimed to improve and how they identified these areas. Common themes and prevalent skill gaps were then shared through chat interactions.

2.The importance of skillsets and development strategies:

Based on the common themes, Chloe and Kelly then emphasized the significance of encompassing a diverse skillset including soft skills, business acumen and technical competencies.

They were also able to draw upon conversations from hiring managers that have highlighted industry-wide skill gaps and the need for targeted development efforts. Strategies for both informal (on-the-job training, mentorship) and formal (certificates) skill development were discussed, with particular emphasis on the 70-20-10 rule for balanced learning.

3.Professional growth opportunities:

Attendees were then encouraged to explore a spectrum of informal learning avenues such as on-the-job training and mentorship, alongside pursuing formal certifications aligned with their roles. The importance of possessing practical tips was then explored, such as effectively soliciting constructive criticism, actively seeking feedback, and documenting learning experiences.

4.Actionable Takeaways:

A final breakout session saw participants discuss a concrete action item they planned to implement after the webinar. Action items ranged from seeking mentorship to documenting monthly reflections on achievements and newly developed skills.

Elevating professional growth.

The "Reflective Practices" webinar provided a comprehensive roadmap for elevating professional growth in health, safety, environment, and Sustainability. By encouraging self-reflection, identifying skill gaps, and proactively seeking development opportunities, attendees were encouraged to take tangible steps towards advancing their careers.

Kelly says:

“If the participants implement the actionable insights taken from the webinar, they will be in a great position to excel their careers within HSEQ and Sustainability.”

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