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Safety Coordinator Placed by Shirley Parsons
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Shirley Parsons Successfully Place Safety Professional For Global Construction Organization.

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago


A global Construction organization needed to reshape and improve its safety culture after a critical gap was found in its safety coordination. They needed an experienced professional who could inject fresh ideas and implement successful safety programs.

Our approach.

Shirley Parsons Canada was approached by the organization to help find a suitable candidate. Our Talent Consultants began with a detailed call with the client to understand their requirements. An extensive search was then carried out to find an individual with the right experience in health, safety, and wellbeing within the construction industry.

During the process, Shirley Parsons Consultants conducted several thorough interviews and evaluations, which resulted in three candidates being presented to the client. After careful consideration, one of the candidates was placed with the organization.


Shirley Parsons successfully placed a candidate who demonstrated a proactive approach and a readiness to make substantial changes to the organization.

The newly appointed safety coordinator brought a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective that promised to drive positive transformations within the company's safety culture. The successful integration of this candidate not only pushed the company forward but also promised positive advancements for its employees, fostering a safer and healthier work environment.

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